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For America

's Vision For America is like that of the signers of the Declaration Of Independence and the writers of the US Constitution. Our America would be a land in which every person would have the freedom and the opportunity to go as far as their talents and desires could take them. However, one person would not be entitled to, or receive, special favor by the government over another person in an attempt to help them to realize their dreams. WE THE PEOPLE would tell our government how to behave -- not vice versa.

US-First looks forward to a time when Americans will once again be free to live their lives as they choose -- so long as they allow others to do likewise. We used to have such a time in America -- although, unfortunately, some among us were not allowed to have a part in it. The next time will be better because all citizens will be able to participate in and enjoy the freedoms and liberties on which this nation was founded. There will not be any "Whites Only" or "Nicht fur Juden!" laws on the books. (While private citizens would be able to exercise their right to serve or to not serve groups of people as their mindset dictates, they would just as assuredly be subject to shame and marginalizing from a righteous public at-large.)

In an US-First America, Government will not confiscate a large percentage of your income to be squandered on pork or given against your will to others across town or around the world. You will have the freedom to open a business, till your land, educate yourself, hire and fire who you want, and give your worldly possessions to your children or to strangers when your time here is up.

With the government not taking gobs of your money and telling you how to live cradle-to-grave, you'll be able to afford to be charitable if you so desire -- whether to someone across town or on the other side of the globe. You'll have the money to open your dream business or to buy some land and live the country life. You'll not be told after the fact that you can no longer do as you wish with your land because an endangered mugwump has moved in. As a poor person, you'll have enough money after working your low-wage job and living frugally to attend at least one class of college at a time -- and in time you'll have an education which will allow you to buy that three-bedroom house you only now dream about each night when you lay your head down to go to sleep in your one-room row-house that you rent from "the man". And, when you climb that corporate ladder or start your own business that your hard-won education has made possible, you'll be free to fire anyone who you just don't like or who won't work as hard as you want them to -- or to hire those "of your own kind" or who were once like you are now to give them a hand up.

If you preach the gospel of whatever god you serve, you'll again be able to preach it in truth -- as long as you don't advocate violence to achieve your vision of utopia. Without the government in your parishioners' pockets, they'll have money to donate to their god's calling.

An US-First America will not be the world's policeman. Our men and women in uniform will not be stationed hither, thither, and yon on missions of dubious merit. They will be stationed at home and at sea, ready to project our unmatchable might wherever an enemy needing to experience it might pop up. They'll be securing our borders against those who would attempt to cross them without going thru proper channels -- whether in groups of one or two or in regular army brigades.

Finally, and firstly, in an US-First America, power will flow from "the little guy" up to the city, state, and national governments. Multi-national corporations will have to operate here in such a way as to benefit us before their bottom line -- or they'll be free to move out. Foreign goods will be subject to tariff to make their cost on the store shelf just a little higher than comparable products made here. The taxes foreign entities pay to have their goods come onto our shores will allow our people to pay that much less in taxes. The net effect of lower taxes and higher prices on foreign-made goods will be that we'll all be able to "Buy American" -- or to choose foreign-made goods if we deem them to be of higher quality. American industry will be spurred on. We'll no longer have to rely on the goods made by today's friend to equip our military when they become tomorrow's enemy and refuse to sell us the rope we'd use to hang them. Neither will our leaders any longer sell, or allow to be sold, that which our enemy needs to hang us.

If our vision for America fits with your vision for America, then how about joining US-First NOW! -- so that together -- we can make it a reality!