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was founded in August of 2006 by Dean Koepke of League CIty, Texas (suburban Houston near NASA's Johnson Space Center). As a "Common Joe" like so many others, he did not want his beloved country to continue in the direction in which he saw it heading. He decided that it was time to do something about it...

Dean was no stranger to politics, having participated at the local and state level with the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Republicans for a second time since his senior year in high school in 1976. Except for agreement that we must defeat the Islamo-fascists behind the attacks on September 11th, his vision for the nation diverged more and more from the Republicans at the national level. Disappointment with the inter-twining of Democrats and Republicans at the national level turned into despair. Despair gave way to disgust...and disgust became the catalyst for action.

He began the search for a new political home -- but found none. Indeed, there were many groups and "minor" parties out there which shared many of his views and his vision for America. But, they were going nowhere. They were all plagued by any or all of: conflicts amoung ego-centric leaders, factional fighting, or, as apparent from their web sites, a severe lack of marketing talent. (After all, just because you invent the proverbial better mouse trap doesn't mean that peopple will flock to your door to buy it. You must tell them about it in a way that makes them want to come and get one for themselves.)

In 2001, there was an issue local to League CIty which got Dean quite riled-up when he heard about it. Unbeknownst to him, it had been brewing for some time, but the opposition was unable to make much headway against a hair-brained plan by CIty Council to build a multi-million dollar swiming pool. Not caring who took the credit (or got the blame), but concerned with achieving the desired outcome, he got involved by sending out flyers to several hundred of his fellow citizens of League City (pop. 40,000). Undaunted by getting free coverage on the above-the-fold headline of the Sunday edition of the Galveston Daily News, in which he was lambasted by the Mayor and others for being an ogre for standing against "the children", he proceeded onwards in his mission against a CIty Council which had more dollars than sense. He was able to rally the various anti-pool factions into unified action -- and working together, they succeeded in killing the project.

Back to 2006...finding many groups with which he could relate, but which he felt were not going to make progress, Dean decided to try doing at the national level what he did at the local level -- to be a uniter of factions. To this end -- US-First was born.

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