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We live in the best country on the face of this Earth -- none of our members would consider for even a second that there might be some place other than Heaven that's better than here.
US-First was the sentiment of men like George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson when it came to dealing with England's tyrannical King George III. We look to men like these for direction, and US-First is our sentiment, too. We are dedicated to seeing that our leaders have as their one-and-only concern that these UNITED STATES get the best possible deal in our relations with other nations and with external and multi-national organizations and corporations -- AND to seeing that our government within our borders is once again...


This is not yet the case; however, We The People have taken a mighty first step as called for by US-First -- by throwing out some of the bums. We understand that some "good guys" got the shaft in the purge -- and that some bums still remain to be dispatched to the political "great beyond". But, that's how politics goes. If the ousted good guys will take the lead in pushing the cause of We The People in '08, then we'll return them to office -- and wack some more bums. US-First has confidence that "the great unwashed" will continue to do the right thing, and are not brain-less ignoramuses as many "in the know" believe us to be...

US-First did not endorse any candidate in the '06 midterm elections other than "not an incumbent"; and, it has not yet been decided if we'll run a slate of candidates in '08 or if we'll offer endorsements to candidates from other organizations. We also understand that the Democrats and modern liberalism -- which offered no solutions or answers other than "The party in power isn't cutting it"-- did not win the election -- and that conservatism -- classical, Regan style -- did not lose it. The modern home of conservatism, the Republican Party, lost the election by straying from the principles which prompted We The People to put them into power in 1994 (House) and 2000 (Senate). They got drunk on the power we had given them and began to think that their poop didn't stink. It did -- real nasty-like. We told them for the past two years that we were getting rather fed-up. They have hopefully re-learned that lesson.

How did the 1994 "Contract With America" turn into McCain-Feingold "campaign finance reform", McCain-Kennedy "education reform", the Senate and President calling for importation of millions of "guest workers", and millions upon millions of our hard-earned tax dollars spent on bridges to nowhere, studies of nothing, and God knows what else? We also got the easily-winnable war in Iraq turned into a politically-correct quagmire. Add to this the "Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America" -- which will offer neither to these United States. Part of this effort is a 10-lane auto/6-lane rail super-highway that looks like a tree with its trunk on the Texas/Mexico border and its branches curling out towards both coasts. This is meant to allow easy flow of traffic in one direction -- south to north -- not like our present Interstate Highway System, began in the 1950's, which allows rapid travel from west to east, east to west, north to south -- and south to north. Just how will we be served by a one-way highway that will result in over 10,000 acres just within the state of Texas being seized by eminent domain to provide the land for this monstrosity (one-tenth the area of the King Ranch!)? We also got tax cuts -- thank you.

So that you may fully understand what is the proper role of the federal government, and its relationship to the several states which form these United States...so that you may determine for yourself in upcoming elections whether your people are properly fulfilling their duties...or are being bums...please see the complete text of The US Constitution maintained at The National Archives. As you read and study the US Constitution for yourself, you may wish to use our Positions Statement as an aid...

By the way, the "US" in our name is the word "us" -- not U.S., the abbreviation for United States. This makes sense when you consider state and county affiliates. Texans, for instance, are concerned with getting the best for Texas in dealings with the other 49 states, while Galveston County wants the best it can get in dealing with the other 253 counties within the State of Texas.

Yes, we promote self-centeredness -- in a spirit of cooperation. But please take note that we're not "Me first", as promoted so much in popular culture by Madison Avenue Ad Campaigns. No, it's US-First, like JFK said, "Ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country." That sentiment is needed even so much more now then when he spoke those words in his Inaugural Address on Friday, January 20, 1961.

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IF YOU are a "Nay" sayer, believing that things are just too far gone...that you can't make a difference -- just remember -- "Naying" is the sound made by horses. If you are indeed a horse -- like that furry four-legged draft animal that the Roman emperor Nero had installed in the Roman Senate -- fine. But -- IF YOU ARE A MAN -- then NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO ACT LIKE A MAN and STAND UP AND BE COUNTED for what you believe!

If you are also a "politician" -- we need you, too -- your valuable expertise and experience at getting things done.

Only US Citizens -- and citizens of the US only -- whether native-born or naturalized -- may become members of US-First.

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Learn the lyrics to this and other patriotic songs, including the hymn of each branch of our military.
Then -- sing or recite them over and over to yourself -- until you understand.

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Dean Koepke, US-First founder

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