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March 17th, 2008

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Barak Obama’s Church

March 17th, 2008

The political hullabaloo these days is about what Barak knew of his pastor Wright’s remarks and when he knew it…and about his ascertion to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that the Rev. Wright’s remarks do not reflect the views of many in his church even though they break out in “Amen!” on the tapes.  I do not find Senator Obama’s remarks to be incredulous.

First, let me say that I am not a supporter of his and never will be.  I will be voting for John McCain this November, after having voted for Ron Paul in the recent Texas Republican primary.  Second, let me also say that I agree with few of the comments made by Rev. Wright in the clips making the rounds on the airwaves.  And third, if it matters to anyone…I’m white.

I don’t know what he knew and when he knew it.  Assuming that he knew some time ago, as he says he started hearing reports of those sermons after announcing his run for the presidency, and that he had objections to many of the remarks as he claims…he did a poor job of sounding convincing in his proclamations of disapproval.  It is not inconceivable that he missed three out of four sermons.  I don’t know what his attendance record was, but once a month would be a good guess.

As to his stating that many in his church disagreed with Rev. Wright’s remarks…despite all the “Amen!”, I’ve seen the same in not only my own church, but also in many other settings.  It’s mob mentality in action.  He had probably gotten the congregation excited…as can easily be done by any good speaker…including myself…be it in church or at a political rally…prior to making those remarks.  When some people did, in fact, cheer in agreement to those remarks…many more joined in just because that’s how people are…reacting first because they didn’t want to look out-of-place…and only later thinking…oh shit…

I certainly do not expect God to bless America for the 35 million innocent dead babies since Roe v. Wade…do you?

More Of The West’s Blood Will Flow Tomorrow

February 16th, 2008

With tomorrow’s expected declaration of an independent state of Kosovo, I sent the following to my congressman (Ron Paul), and similar letters to my two senators (Cornyn and Hutchison) and president Bush — and I urge you to do some research, and then you’ll certainly want to do the same:

There has been enough balkanization of The Balkans with our hands all over it. This is not — and never was — any of our business. If president Bush proceeds with recognition of Kosovo as an independent state, please introduce and support legislation to declare said recognition null and void. Should they retain operations as an independent state for an extended period of time (five years?) — without our help/meddling, then we probably ought to officially recognize what will then have become the status quo.

‘Balkanization’ is used to mean, “the social disintegration of a relatively stable country or region, generally brought about by the introduction of external agitators.” As best as I can tell…those agitators, the brutal Kosovo Liberation Army, were equipped and financed by we in The West.

In case you haven’t noticed, or have been wondering what it is you have been witnessing here in your own back yard…the US is also the target of attempts at balkanization. Many of our agitators are coming from south of the border…along with those who do indeed make the crossing in search of a better life for themselves and their families. Others have come from Asia. Who do you think is behind all the efforts to keep people from having to learn English so that they might have a chance to integrate into, and benefit from, traditional American society?

I might also add that after the breakup of the Soviet Union…a good thing…that the Russian Federation, i.e., classical Russia, was also the target of balkanization. Chechnya was the best-known attempt. It almost worked. Reimposition of a strong central authority was Putin’s response…and for that, he is seen by most Russians as a hero.  (With so much centralized authority and hero-worship comes the possibility for tyrany…which I hope they can avoid.  We avoided tyrany when George Washington turned down the new American Crown by remembering that a motto of enough of our revolutionaries was, “No king but King Jesus!”  That motto included that we would also have none of His self-proclaimed representatives in a position of absolute authority.  We have had religious presidents, members of Congress, and justices on the Supreme Court — but never did they act as official representatives of their particular brand of religion.  The power of their ‘followers’ was thus always kept in check.)

Time To Close Duck Season

February 14th, 2008

All across this great land of ours, ducks are falling…well…like ducks. What does one expect when it’s open season and those poor ducks have no way to protect themselves from all the hunters out there trying to bag ’em. Trouble is…the ducks to which I refer walk on two legs and attend public schools, colleges, and universities from sea to shining sea — where “No Guns Allowed!” reigns.

The latest shoot-em-up happened today in northern Illinois…the fourth incident in a week. And as with all the rest, nobody was there to protect those poor and defensless ducks from the hunters. The Ducky authorities just posted emails and broadcast over intercoms to “Stay in your rooms (and please don’t shit your pants while you cower in a corner or under a desk wondering if the hunter is heading your way and if he will happen to see a brightly-colored flag on your sorry head).”

Would all 21 people have been shot (5 dead) in Illinois if someone had a piece with which to make peace? Rest assured that in the event of a little localized war in my vicinity…my SIG-Sauer P-226 DAK 9mm, training, and most importantly, my will to make use of both, will quickly result in peace again.

Update posted on the 15th: the number of dead has risen to 6.  Other reports say 7, but decent people don’t include the cowardly M-F’er who shot himself.  Unless you are of the relatively few who believe Hitler to have been a good man, you do not count him among the tens of millions he took with himself as he also cowardly made his way to the bunker and shot his evil ass.  If only a good person with a gun had been able to do it 10 years earlier…

And to add stupidity to insult, the following was in the Yahoo! version of this story:

Agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were assisting local authorities at the scene, spokesman Thomas Ahern told the Chicago Tribune.

“We will be urgently tracing the firearms and learning the history of the weapons,” Ahern said.

I’m so glad they’re onto the case of those ee-vill guns. I’ll bet those guns have a rap sheet a mile long! My tax money pays for this moron???

Oh, by the way…Happy Valentine’s Day! Sound callous and out-of-place? So are those who have prevented law-abiding citizens from making sure that laws are abided when The Law is elsewhere at the Moment Of Truth.

Tits – 2

February 6th, 2008

In this post from last September, I lamented MY county’s making its way to the Federal Tit after a minor hurrican blew thru here and tore-up some tress, power lines, houses…and began to ask myself why I pay for insurance on my house?  Fast-forward to today…we had a few tornados blow across some states…and there was my wonderful, compassionately-conservative president Bush telling them to be not dismayed, but to be of good cheer…for the Feds are coming!

That is why I will be voting for Ron Paul in the Texas Republican primary on March 4th.  He would let me decide whether or not I wish to purchase insurance on my house, rather than tax me so that the Feds can help my sorry ass if I get in a bind because of my own stupidity in not planning for an uncertain future.

I still have a mortgage on the house, which stipulates that I shall carry sufficient structural insurance on it or that they will purchase it for me and send me the bill.  I have decided to tell Citimortgage that I am going to drop my homeowner’s insurance…including the Texas Windstorm policy that I had to take out because the government has made it unprofitable for private insurers to offer it…because government now acting as the insurer of my property renders that portion of my contract with Citimortgage null-and-void.  I have yet to do my taxes for 2007 (due on April 15th), but expect that I’ll have to write a check for about $1500…the same amount as the combined homeowner/windstorm policy.  Why should I pay twice for the same thing?  I’m sure that they will not see things as I do…any good lawyers out there want to help make a point?

Schumer Tricks People Into Voting For Him!

December 14th, 2007

In this story, New York Senator Charles Schumer says that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) must be “a source of salvation for those families who were tricked into unaffordable loans”.  Hey Chuckie…did you trick these same stupid people into voting for you?  Or, did only smart people vote for you — none of them requiring The Savior FHA to save them from themselves?

Our hats at USFirst are off to the lone voice in the Senate for personal responsibility — Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona — who voted “No” to this latest government bailout of stupid and greedy people.  Can all we smart people who don’t believe money grows on trees, have no reason beyond our good looks to believe that our boss is going to raise our salary by 30% in the next couple years, and pay more than our fair share of taxes say, “BOHICA” (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again)?  One of these days, there will be no more Bohicans to rape…

Tom Tancredo — A Man Of Principles

December 10th, 2007

Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo — to his great credit and our thunderous applause — refused to take part in the Republican Spanish-language debate. Are not all naturalized citizens supposed to learn — and be tested for — English to a level sufficient to fulfill their new civic duties? Are not all citizens, including and especially native-born citizens, supposed to attend school until the age of 16 — wherein they are taught in and learn the English language? Why the f— then are there public debates and ballots written in a language I — a native-born citizen — cannot understand?

To build on and update an ongoing theme in these postings…I am not a xenophobe. I am currently considering marrying a woman from Russia. She will arrive in the US legally, and if she decides to become a citizen, she shall speak, read, and write English and conduct her public activities in English. She will not expect to see signs, advertising, and public documents specially written for her in Russian because she is too g-d lazy and self-centered to learn the language of her adopted country. Matter of fact…if things ever get so bad here that I feel that Russia is a better place and emigrate there…I fully expect to have to learn to speak, read, and write Russian…end of discussion.

Tom Tancredo has scored many points with his principled and courageous stand against the Balkanization of these UNITED States.

Is Grassley Smoking Grass?

December 6th, 2007

Creflo Dollar has told Iowa Republican Senator Charles Grassley to go take a hike in his bid to pry open the ministry’s books.  I think that in matters of theology, Mr. Dollar is short by a few cents, but in his taking a stand against government intervention in matters of religion by a busy body who apparently has nothing else to do…I offer him my G-notes of support.  Mr. Dollar’s donors have given of themselves willingly.  Mr. Grassley threatens to divert their donations to be used in a manner that he sees fit using the strong arm of government — which is ultimately at the barrel of a gun.

The supposed “wall of separation” is to keep the government out of religion, not to keep religion out of government.  It is time the people of Iowa send their senator home for some much-needed study of The Constitution.

More “Conservative” Government

November 8th, 2007

My two Texas senators, Hutchison and Cornyn, have well-demonstrated their conservative credentials by voting to override president Bush’s veto of the massive, pork-for-everyone (but me), $20+ BILLION Water Projects bill.  OK…to be fair, Senator Cornyn didn’t vote to override.  Not to be seen by the folks back home as not returning “their fair share”, he simply sat-out the vote…whimp.

I guess they didn’t read the entire email that I sent them several days ago, in which I instructed them to vote “No” to the override.  It looks like they only read the part in which I sarcastically asked them to include $2000 for me so that I could pay the bill for having the plumbing leak in my house fixed — after all…it’s a water project, too.  (It was in the foundation, and insurance doesn’t pay for repairs — just for repairing any resulting damage.)  I have yet to see the check from passage of this bill…I suppose that “It’s in the mail.”

“Conservative” Government

November 8th, 2007

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has decided that the US Senate ought to investigate whether six TV Ministries are spending donors’ money in ways that meet his expectations.  Since Republicans, of which he is one, like to harken back to The Gipper and ask, “WWRD — What Would Regan Do?” — I will ask, too.  Having thus asked, I will also answer and say that Ronaldus Maximus, if he were still with us…God rest his soul, would say something like, “Well…did they give the money at the barrel of a gun?  Are they happy giving?  Then…I don’t see why we don’t just leave them alone to serve God as they see fit.  If they decide that their money is no longer being used as God would want, they are free to donate elsewhere.  Frankly, I give the American people more credit for being able to run their own lives than Sen. Gassley does.  He ought to get back to doing The People’s business that they elected him to do — instead of dictating to them how they should spend their Sunday mornings.”